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A five minutes ambling from Assi Ghat will bring you to this modest but cozy dwelling called Ganges View Guest House, at a stone’s throw from the Ravi Daspark.

The proprietor is an ordinary boatman (Popularly known as Nishad or Majhi) who is also an active social worker. Not only ferrying the people from ghat to ghat (River Banks) but also the habit of rescuing the drowning people as well as extracting the drowned bodies has been a patrimonial duty passed on to him as the present link from generation to generation. In Varanasi which is theoretically an area between Varuna and Assi, his boat sails from the Assi ghat. His grandfather Sambhu Majhi ws widely famous as a proficient diver in the river. People in the entire Purvanchal know him for having rescued hundreds of drowning men. They used to ferry people on boats from the time even he has no account of. Banaras is a city twice older than history and mythology put together. So is the past of Ganga and the people who lead their lives on Ganga, among whom the family of Birendra Nishad is one. Literally, he has passed the lion’s share of his life on the pious river Ganga where the ashes of elder after death, are also dissolved. Puri Sankaracharya even went to the extene of calling him Gangaputra the son of Ganga.

Banaras is hailed as a holy city at least 5,500 years old historically though is dates back to eternity. When people did not have the assistance of Science to invent car. motors, trains etc, then by the help of Majhis of Ganga, large pieces of stones were transported from a place name Chunar. Those stones become immortal by being used in the walls of ghats, temples, abbots etc, though the wooden boats decayed and the Majhis lived their lives to completion even the monumental places were built on the banks of Ganga which look rich from the Ganga having in them the memory of great past. From distant places, corns, spices, utensils, fruits and vegetables were traded along with the transportation of people. Even in recent past, huge amount of sand was brought in large boats from the other bank and wad supplied on land by trceks. The sand wad not only used in the houses of common people but also in architectural buildings. Banaras does not exist without mother Ganga and Ganga has its fulfilment in the boats and their boatmen. Is a bit poetic but true to say that Ganga flows in the veins of its boatmen or Majhis.

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